Clerk Of Works

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A recent independent survey of fire doors fitted on various sites across the country uncovered an alarming number of unsatisfactory installations, in some cases so bad that door(sets) needed to be completely refitted, and our own experiences on a number of sites echo this survey. We have witnessed ‘brand new’ fire doors fitted in new buildings with such poor standards as to render the doors totally ineffective as fire doors.

Whilst having no formal ‘Clerk of Works’ qualifications (indeed as far as we are aware no formal qualifications exist) our experience, training, and certification as fire door inspectors ideally and uniquely qualifies us to, in effect, act as a ‘CoW’ as far as fire door installations are concerned whether we are engaged by the architect, the client or indeed the builder.

Ideally, we would meet site management prior to installation commencement, at which point we can provide invaluable on-site practicable advice to the fitters and point out some of the more common ‘errors’ we commonly see.

We would then normally visit the site during the first few days of installation to inspect the first few installed doorsets. At this point, we would iron out any minor discrepancies.

Depending on the size of the job we would then make periodic inspections before, at the end of the install, carrying out a full and final full survey and report a successful and compliant fire door installation.

This then provides site management with a degree of comfort that the fire doors are fitted correctly when Building Control carries out their site inspection. Fewer remedial issues mean fewer costly delays on-site, keeping the all-important building programme on schedule.

Anon – “We always insist on this service. We need to be sure the fire doors will perform to their design criteria”

“Many thanks Ian. We really appreciate your advice and guidance on this project and we look forward to working with you on other projects, Regards, David”, Managing Director

Fire doors, whether they be ‘entry-level’ FD30 doors or ‘top of the range’ FD240 doors are highly engineered fire safety-critical components designed to withstand very high temperatures, protecting both life and structure. They can only do this though if they are installed correctly as dictated by the certification documents that apply to them.

Our Clerk of Works’ service checks the installation at several crucial stages during the build process to ensure the design criteria are met and the building and lives of those inside, are protected fully.