Golden Thread Compliance

What is ‘Golden Thread’ Compliance?

Following the tragedy, at Grenfell, the Hackitt Report made a strong suggestion that:

“a robust golden thread of key information should be passed across to future building owners to underpin more effective safety management throughout the building life cycle”’.

The draft Building Safety Bill also states:

“The Bill includes provisions that will help create a golden thread of information. The intention of the clauses of the Bill are to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time to ensure buildings are safe and building safety risks are managed throughout the building’s lifecycle”.

This requirement is not new however, Building Regulations 2010, Regulation 38, states that the Responsible Person should be presented with:

“information relating to the design and construction of the building or extension, and the services, fittings and equipment provided in or in connection with the building or extension which will assist the responsible person to operate and maintain the building or extension with reasonable safety”

Our fire door surveys are designed to automatically provide ‘compliance’ with both the Building Safety Bill and Building Regulation 38. Our reports require no additional software or apps, that of course comes with a cost, and there are no licence fees to pay. Maintenance inspections and reactive maintenance can also be recorded on our Dashboard reporting system.

A fire door survey of course is only 1 small part of the golden thread, fire strategy drawings, specifications, installation details & maintenance work records all need to be included.

We provide golden thread compliance without any additional (or hidden) cost.